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2018 Action Plan

So I’ve stumbled across this concept of not having just attainable goals, but also having an action plan in place to reach those goals.

My big 2018 goals are:
– Pay off PL #1 ($500)
– Pay off PL #2 ($5,439.00)
– Pay off CC ($1,781.62)
– Continue SL payments ($11,575.07 -$150/mo minimum-)
– Save for VidCon ($10/wk until June 23rd)
– Save for Christmas 2018 spending ($10/wk until October)
– Save $1,000 emergency funds
– Be eating 90% WFPB diet by the end of the year
– Be exercising regularly 150 minutes a week

I know that $1k isn’t enough for an emergency savings and it’s definitely NOT where I’m going to stop. $1k is just my jumping point to end 2018 on.

To make these goals happen I plan to:
– Read some highly recommended debt/PF books
– Read more PF blogs and be as active as I can on mine
– Budget monthly and review at the end of the month
– Set aside savings weekly (Fridays)
– Set mini-goals every month
– Track eating and average weekly
– Track workouts and average weekly

Now… to sort out that budget.

What’s something that you did in the beginning of your PF journey that you found really helpful?


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Hello. 🙂

I’ve decided that I need some accountability when it comes to financial, dietary and fitness goals. So, welcome to rmblsandrnts! I’ll be rambling and ranting about my journey to a healthier outlook on personal finance and physical health.

I have about $19,295.69 in debt right now.


That just blew my mind. Okay okay, back on topic.

Of that, there are four accounts. One is a credit card for $1,781.62 at 26.15%, two are personal loans from friends ($500 and $5,439.00 respectively) with no interest and the last one is my student loan for $11,575.07 at 4.41%.

I am mainly concerned with the personal loans and the credit card for right now, so I will be focusing on those first.

Physically I am 5ft 1in tall, weigh approx 136 with 30% body fat. I’ll actually measure that tomorrow morning when I post my March goals. I currently eat a semi-SAD diet, leaning towards plant based. I am gluten intolerant and my weakness is soda, sweets and salt.

Thanks for listening.